How to increase website traffic

Here are all of the ways that you should consider for promoting your website. Don’t worry, I haven’t wasted your time by including things that aren’t relevant just to boost my numbers.

Managed Hosting vs Shared Hosting

One of the most talked highly-pushed products in the world of websites is managed hosting. However, due to huge affiliate commissions available, I didn’t know what to trust. So, I tested it all out for myself.

email outreach case study

I raved about this tactic as a noob in the industry, but does it stack up when you put it to the test? We found around 3,000 websites to find a definitive answer.

Best email list building tips

Growing an email list is an important part of any online business. In this post, I give 10 different ways that you can attract emails, as well as tips for keeping your existing subscribers delighted with what you send.

SEO and getting to the top of Google

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is one of my favourite topics in the world to talk about. I promise it’s not as boring as it sounds and it could make you rich. No, it really could.

How to make a website

I created ClichéWebsite in a single day. Just a couple of hours, actually. I walk you through every step so that you can make a blog or online store and hopefully make a load of money — even if you’re as thick as I am.

How to choose a profitable niche

Looking for an industry you can start a website in? I got you. Here, I guide you through all of the things you need to consider before entering a niche.

How to create a brand

Here are my fairly controversial thoughts on building a successful brand. I cover names, logos, colour schemes, language and how much of a waste of time branding can be for the average Joe.

How to write lots of content quickly

You’d be surprised how easy it is to write 2,000+ words of good quality content. Here are my secrets to getting that much (and more) done in an evening.